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When our puppy parents adopt  Shichon puppy from us it is from the breeding of a Shih tzu and a Bichon Frise. .

My name is Cindy, and I am the owner of this shichon puppy website. I am sure you have guessed, one of my passions is Shih Tzu mixes puppies and Shichons. We call them fuzzy wuzzy pups. I personally only breed a couple litters a year. But I do have several friends that breed this wonderful breed. Come on in and take a look around our shichon park website and view some of our past beautiful Shichon puppies.
Everyone is welcome to come to our home to see our Shichon puppies for sale in person. But please be warned we have had puppy parents leave with more then one FuzzyWuzzy Baby.  
We offer a *** 5 *** Health Warranty on all our Shichon puppies. Our warranty is like no other.
Shichon Park SPECIALIZING in shichon puppies for sale, but we are very picky where our shichon puppies go. So please know that we do screen puppy parents and they should screen us as well.
If  your Looking for that one of a kind Shichon puppy then you have come to the right place. We welcome you to come over and play with us and our babies. We love our puppy parents to come visit and get to know us. Our Shichons are little balls of fluff, that are to cute for words. Our babies are lovable, intelligent, adorable, extremely docile little "Fuzzy Babies" and they make wonderful lap pets. They are great for any age and perfect for seniors.
We are Shichon Breeders. We never sale our babies to pet stores or puppy mills. We love and care for each baby we help produce. We NEVER want to see one end up in a bad situation. We own the parents to our Shichon puppies and every puppy parent to be is welcome to our home to meet us and our Shichon puppies in person.
The Shichon breed is an adorable fluffy little dog that loves the companionship of humans. We have has several of our Zuchon puppies become certified therapy dogs. Zuchon puppies are wonderful for people who have allergies because they are non shedding, happy, healthy little dogs. Shichons pups do great in a household that has other house pets or animals in the home. They love to play and run with other animals. 

We have has several of our Zuchon's get adopted by people that live all over the USA. We are experienced Shichon breeder, and know you will the Perfect Zuchon puppy at  today.
When buying or adopting a Shichon puppy on line, you want to make sure you are dealing with an ethical breeder. Can't several past puppy parents make sure you go back at least 2 years. That way you can see if they are having any health issues. Some issues take a while to show up.
If a shichon breeder is selling a puppy for half the price of everyone else you have to ask your self WHY? What are they NOT doing in their breeding program that saves them money. What corners are they cutting? Food, health care for the parents, vet care for the puppies??
If a breeder has buy one get one half off you have to ask your self why? Why would any one want to have some one buy two dogs when they only wanted one. If they have a litter of puppies and they are over 8 weeks old and none are sold you have to ask your self why? What is the breeder NOT doing that she/he should be doing. Most ethical breeders will NOT advertise a sale on a puppy. As puppies are a living breathing creatures and should NOT be treated as merchandise. If the breeder is treating their dogs as merchandise you have to ask your self are they doing every thing they should be doing as a ethical breeder? Would an ethical person treat an adopted child like merchandise? 










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Zuchon Puppies, Zuchons, are Shih Tzu/ Bichon Frise. mix puppies

If you are looking for a puppy in the following states and don't want to have one shipped, try calling some vets to see if they are refer you to some one locally. We have had our vet refer several puppy parents to us.
Alabama, AL.,  Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Alabaster, Anniston, Auburn, Vestavia Hills,  Montgomery, Decatur, Huntsville, Dothan, Trussville, Northport,  Alabama,  AL., Gadsden, Gulf Shores, Auburn University, AL, Bessemer, Evergreen, Fairfield, Fairhope, Gardendale, Saraland, AL., Fort Rucker, AL
Mississippi, MS., Meridian, Terry, Southhaven, Tupelo, Biloxi ,   Greenville, Waynesboro, Gulfport, MS. , Jackson, Ocean Springs, Vicksburg, Mississippi State, MS,  Pascagoula, Collinsville, MS , Columbia, Columbus,  Brandon, University, MS, Mississippi, MS.Shreveport, Louisiana, LA., Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Monroe, New Orleans, New Iberia, Lake Charles  Alexandria, Bossier City, Kenner, Louisiana, LA. . Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach, Orlando, Florida, FL. TN.,Memphis, Tallahassee, Tennessee, TN.
If you can not find Shichons, or Shichon puppy, or Zuchon puppies for sale locally can be shipped to airports Below. safe and sound.
Florida FL., Sarasota, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, FL., Hollywood, Phoenix, Arizona AZ., Arkansas AR., Los Angeles,
San Francisco, California CA., Denver, Colorado CO., New Milford, CT., Boise, Idaho ID., Chicago, Illinois IL., Evansville,
Indiana IN.,  Sioux City, Iowa IA., Topeka,  Kansas, KS., Louisville, Kentucky KY., Portland,  Maine ME.,  Baltimore, Maryland MD., Boston, Massachusetts MA.,  Detroit Michigan MI., Minneapolis, Minnesota MN., Kansas City, Missouri MO., Billings, Montana, MT., Lincoln, Nebraska, NE., Reno, Nevada NV., New Hampshire NH. Newark,  New Jersey, NJ.,  New Mexico, NM.,  NYC, New York, NY., Raleigh, North Carolina NC., Grand Fork, North Dakota ND., Cleveland, Ohio OH., Tulsa, Oklahoma OK., Portland, Oregon OR., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA., Rhode Island, RI.,Charleston, Greenville, South Carolina, SC.,  Dallas, Houston, Texas, TX., Salt Lake City, Utah UT., Vermont, VT., Atlanta, GA. Alabama AL., Richmond, Alexandria, Chantilly, Richmond, Virginia, VA., Virginia,  West Virginia, Shorkie puppies in
Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Washington, WA., Baltimore, Washington DC, Wyoming, WY., Madison, Wisconsin, WI., West Virginia, WV.,
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Shichon pups are also known as Zuchon puppies.